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Disclaimer: This calculator tool is provided for estimation purposes and should not be taken as an official loan application or offer of a loan. Actual repayment amounts can depend on different factors and repayment frequency options may not always be available. We recommend you contact our finance team to learn more about available rates and options based on your circumstances. The repayments are calculated off 6.99% and nil deposit. T.A.P.

About Our Services

As one of the leaders and experts in the Australian vehicle and equipment finance space, we are equipped with over 10 years of industry experience. Our experience of working with all parties – lenders, businesses, individuals, and other finance companies – has allowed our team to develop multifaceted perspectives and approaches to meet the needs of our clients.

Our success factors are ultimately dependent on how well we can help our clients address their challenges. Therefore, if you would like to speak with one of our customers to gauge how their experience with us was and how they benefited, let us know. 

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Automotive Finance

Car financing has never been easier! Our team is dedicated to making access to finance simpler, while helping our customers get their dream car.

Automotive Finance

Car financing has never been easier! Our team is dedicated to making access to finance simpler, while helping our customers get their dream car.

Our Full List of Services

Commercial and Equipment Finance

Looking to invest in machinery and equipment? Our team of lending experts will work with you to find a finance solution that meets your needs.

Marine Finance

Flexible financing is key to kicking off your boating experience. Our comprehensive network of lenders gives our clients access to the best options and benefits. 

Personal Finance

Our team of personal consultants are equipped with the expertise to make sure you get the best deal to accommodate personal financial requirements. 


With many years of working with the insurance industry, our team can help you choose a plan that works best for you!

Why Choose FM Finance?

Leveraging over 10 years of experience, FM Finance’s team of lending experts have worked with countless individuals and organisations – helping them meet their financial demands and requirements. From individuals looking for financing options to elevate their livelihoods, to businesses looking to procure the latest machinery that will catapult them ahead of their competitors, our client-driven focus is the backbone of our approach. We believe in nothing more than enabling our clients with the best possible finance options.

Our commitment to bringing clients the best possible services is complemented by our strong partnerships with several of the most respected and trustworthy brands in the finance industry. We have a proud history of working with companies like Capital Finance, Now Finance, ANZ, Macquarie and Commonwealth Bank, to name a few, which means our clients can be rest assured to benefit from the reliable and industry-leading financial services of these brands.

Absolutely excellent service. I would highly recommend this company for any of your financial needs. Thank you FM Finance.

Desmond, past customer.

I  highly recommend Jason and his team at FM Finance. His professional, astute approach to every individual situation has secured me a fantastic financial outcome. 

Jacques, past customer.

How FM Finance Will Work With You

Our services are centred on 3 core guiding principles – revolving around our client-driven commitment.

First and foremost, our team of experts will sit with you to understand and better gauge your financial requirements on a personal level, or the financial impetus you require to bolster your operations at the business level. The only things we require from you at this stage are your time, open communication about what your goals and aspirations are and what you are looking to utilise these finances for, and some basic financial information for us to better understand your requirements - for us to kickstart the process.

Once this preliminary step is done, you can just relax and let us take things from here. Our team of lending experts will utilise the information you’ve provided to identify a variety of finance solutions that best address your needs – all at a reasonable cost.
Finally, upon identifying this variety of financing options, our experts will work with you to narrow your choices down to one that works perfectly for you. Our services are uniquely tailored and dedicated to ensuring that you get what you need – irrespective of whether your requirements are personal or business-based. Ready to get started?

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